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  1. ASC

    ASC I'm Shy VIP Member

  2. ASC

    ASC I'm Shy VIP Member

  3. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't put to much stock into these.

    Most of the accessories they are listing are universal (bluetooth headsets, inline mics, microsd cards, etc.) As far as ones that are device specific (batteries, cases) they are giving their part numbers and basing their pricing off of what they currently have for the Thunderbolt.

    The picture they are using is the original Thunderbolt even though the press shots released today show it to be quite a bit different than the original Tbolt (taller and narrower).

    The specs they are using are rumored as of this time (remember up until a week or 2 before the Tbolt released they thought it'd have a 1.2 GHz dual core cpu).

    The release date is also suspect. October 19th is a Wednesday. Verizon 9 times out of 10 releases on a Thursday (the Charge released on a Saturday but that was more due to LTE outages hampering their ability to activate the phones).

    I'd say we have a few weeks before we see anything concrete on the phone.
  4. ASC

    ASC I'm Shy VIP Member

    Yeah, I noticed the TB1 Pic as well. And what I was thinking about the release date is that they might open up for orders on the 19th for a release date on the 20th. That is if they start advertising for the Vigor/TB2 a couple days before it's actually available... Maybe it's just wishful thinking. My NE2 isn't until May-2012, But when I paid my bill the other day I noticed that I now have the option to upgrade early (right now in fact, don't know why though, maybe cause I've been with VZW since 2003?). And if the Vigor/TB2 is going to be what everyone hopes it will be I'm going to jump on it.

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