Goodbye Dell Streak 5General

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  1. NineToTheSky

    NineToTheSky Well-Known Member

    Dell has announced that the Streak 5 has become EOL (end of line), and is no more.

    It's been a bumpy ride for me. I love the size, but the build quality has left a lot to be desired. Lets hope that the 5" Acer and Samsung are released soon.

  2. aconrad86

    aconrad86 Well-Known Member

    It is sad the way the Streak was handled. I honestly regret getting one. I love the phone and it's features but the lack of support from ATT and the fact that Dell's customer service can barely pretend to be helpful killed it for me. This phone could of been a game changer in a lot of ways and instead all it does is get lot's of questions asked about it while we are out and about with it.

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