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  1. Ekim Gram

    Ekim Gram Well-Known Member

    You were my first smartphone and I enjoyed your thoroughly. While your specs were lacking and as time went on you became old and fragile, I loved your physical QWERTY keyboard and character. Rooting you was an adventure as was reading this forum. Alas, I've found a new mistress and her name is the Motorola RAZR.

    Special shoutout to DTA for helping me root it oh so long ago.

  2. jaison80

    jaison80 Well-Known Member

    Makes me want to tear up. I'll get to this point eventually. In the mean time I'm trying to find what else is out there with a nice QWERTY keyboard that doesnt feel awkward and requires 50 pounds of force to press a key. A phone with an awesome developer force behind making nice roms. Ohh so much to dream of..
  3. imnotmikal

    imnotmikal Well-Known Member Developer

    Might I recommend the Droid 3 or Droid 4? Both have great keyboards and a wonderful group of developers, and both have working ICS roms. I have the D3 right now, upgrading to the D4 very soon :)
  4. jaison80

    jaison80 Well-Known Member

    Cool I'll look into that soon. The few droid phones i did try the keyboard on it were awful. Maybe they were Droid 1 and 2.
  5. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    If you live in a 4G service area I would defiantly go for the Droid 4 over Droid 3 simply because of 4G LTE, especially if your grandfathered into a unlimited data package.
  6. admn81

    admn81 Well-Known Member

    I can comment on the D4. I like everything about it so far but 2 things.. the screen and non removable battery(meaning you have to take into VZW). If your scrolling thru certain apps or webpages really fast, you see "ghosting" occur. Not a deal breaker, but at the same time I kind've expect more so I'm also tempted to try the Rezound instead but its lacking a physical keyboard. However a full working Adobe Flash package, along with gingerbread make it damn nice. The 4GLTE is so fast!! but drains battery waymore than 3G. The dual core processor runs really well and has no problems keeping up. The rooting process is so freaking easy as it takes maybe 2minutes at the most(most of it is the rebooting time lol) There are no working fastboot files for it yet, so if u run in to trouble flashing roms etc you could be screwed. Just things to keep in mind, hope this helps.
  7. imnotmikal

    imnotmikal Well-Known Member Developer

    The Droid 1 and 2's keyboard weren't that great, but I absolutely love my D3 keyboard.
  8. unintent

    unintent New Member

    Hey I live in Richmond too. I am following the posts here and you posted you would host the LG ally files indefinitely. do you have any links to those? I am pretty sure my ally is rooted (i am a noob), I rooted it with one-click-rooter and it said sucessful and superuser is installed. I can't find any files or links that are still good. I have flashed phones before, and even an android phone before. I guess I need to 'install' a new recovery file and i need the velocity 1.2 rom and lots of instructions. some instructions are mystery to me. like once it said press send and home and power. what is send and power buttons? any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  9. roadworrier

    roadworrier Member

    I had the Ally for a couple years. I got the Droid 4. I hated it. After the 14 day evaluation period I sent it back. Can't believe the non-removable battery with a life of only 4hrs if you're using the GPS to track. And the keyboard I did not like at all. The LG Ally keyboard works so much better. Still the small amount of space for apps on the Ally I'm back using again has me thinking of finally giving up the Keyboard and getting a Nexus One or something. I found Swype and microphone entry better than the Droid 4 keyboard... though of course when I'm sshing I just want to type what I meant to type thank you very much.
  10. admn81

    admn81 Well-Known Member

    I bought the D4 also, but returned that pos after a week. The screen ghosts way badly, and a non removable battery..are you kidding me motorola? The keyboard I thought was well laid out though. Id suggest looking into the LG Spectrum. I got one and couldnt be happier with it. I think VZW dropped the price on them also. A removable battery, unlocked bootloader making for easier development. The screen is amazing! I do miss the keyboard, but you get used to not having it. With the help of other Spectrum owners we are getting Death2All a device so he will be able to work his magic on it!
  11. imnotmikal

    imnotmikal Well-Known Member Developer

    You guys only get 4hours on your D4? I'm getting 10+ and that's with 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS always enabled, with a constant stream of either TurnTable.FM or iHeartRadio...
  12. Einsteindks

    Einsteindks Well-Known Member

    Send is the phone key on the left, power is the end/hang up/on-off button on the right. Amon Ra recovery well worth flashing over stock, if using ROMs. Latest version on that is 3.0.6. Install using CWM recovery. Amon Ra MUCH more versatile.

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