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  1. LoviinEm

    LoviinEm New Member

    I NEED HELP! When i attempt to use the market or sync my motorola charm to my google account i have the usual login to google account thing, but when i do this it says "your phone needs to communicate with google servers to set up your account. this may take up to five minutes, after a few mins i get an error saying "cant establish a reliable data connection to the server." "this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. if this continues call customer care." or sometimes i have to type a word in, i done this 10-15 times but each time it just makes me do it again.. everything else on the phone works fine but i am unable to sync my google account, any help would be great! thanks!
    I have called telus and they don't know why this is happening so I just don't know what to do!!?? I have not once been able to access the market since i have gotten the phone !!!!

  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    Hello there LoviinEm and welcome to the forums.

    I have moved your query to the Motorola Charm area and hope the guys here can help with your question.
  3. robjc

    robjc New Member

    I have same problem and would love an answer as well. Tellus says not there problem, and Motorola says the same.
  4. crocodoyle

    crocodoyle Member

    I think I had the same problem a while back. Try installing the gmail app. I think that fixed it for me
  5. nafees

    nafees New Member

    Even I am facing the same problem (India), not a single person is of help from Vodafone or Motorola...i am using this handset from last 6 months without using any android apps..plz help..

  6. BColeKid

    BColeKid Member

    Have you guys had any luck with installing the gmail app? What else have you tried? Have you set up a Blur account? These are basic questions but I am covering the basics.

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