Google and apps cannot connect to mobile networkSupport

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  1. erinlashea

    erinlashea New Member

    Browser wrks fine google and apps do not

  2. lnr4e

    lnr4e Well-Known Member

    the one thing i did for that was use auto task killer, kill the app and play store. then i used settings widget and turned off my auto sync and network connection. wait a few minutes and turned it back on without auto sync, until i got it to work. and i restarted my phone once. if that doesnt work dial *228 and use programming in alot of cases its always worked. if you still have problems pm me cause im not always on this site.
  3. sfludena86

    sfludena86 New Member

    I hace the same problem and I made @one4e suggestion but don't work
  4. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Could always try going to settings-applications-manage applications and clearing cache and date-reboot and check it:)

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