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  1. Hoib

    Hoib Member

    Two weeks ago I attempted to synchronize 12 pictures with Picasa Web and Gallery on my phone (Optimus T). This was my first attempt at doing this - I took the pics -then- set the device to auto-synch. It ran for quite a bit, only uploaded three and siezed up the phone. Restarted and what I have now, on every restart is this annoying cryptic little wonder:
    The application My Uploader (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.
    Force Close
    Since I wasn't able to upload or synchronize I deleted the 12 .jpgs off the phone. I USB'd them to my desktop computer and took them off from the SD card where they were stored. But "My Uploader" apparently still has them stuck in some queue somewhere buried in the phone, wants to send them but can't. Used File Manager - I'm sure they're gone off the SD card. If I take any more pictures, I fear they too are doomed. Rather than gum up the phone any further, I've not taken any more pictures.

    The device works pretty well, despite. Another related concern: I don't know if they might be in a temp holding bin and could therefore be consuming precious internal phone memory (which I don't have a lot left of either - only about 37 mB remain).

    How can I tell process that it can stop trying and go back to rest? Where do I look in phone memory to see if they are indeed "stuck"?

    Thanks folks.


  2. Hoib

    Hoib Member

    Here's the answer. Found on another forum - since this one yields no results.

    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All Running > My Uploads > {Clear Data} > Force Stop > Back_Back_Back. Reboot phone. Done.

    (Is it just me or is this forum really as "dead" as it seems....)

  3. BrentNZ

    BrentNZ New Member

    On a Sony Ericsson XPeria Mini :
    - Settings
    - Applications
    - Manage Applications
    [Menu - leftmost button]
    - Filter
    - All
    - My Uploads
    - Clear Data

    Hope this helps someone.


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