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  1. schuess60

    schuess60 Member

    I have several Google Calendars that I sync with my DROID Incredible running 2.1 update 1. One of my calendars recently quit showing up its data, although I have it selected on the phone AND all data displays fine on Google Calendars.

    I have tried deselecting some of the other calendars in case Android had a max number it would display. I have deselected and reselected the calendar on Google thinking that may refresh it but still no luck. Funny thing is, the calendar used to show up fine. Don't know when I lost it exactly. Any ideas?

  2. amcvicars

    amcvicars New Member

    Heck I'd be happy with getting my old google calendar to sync with calendar app, I created a gmail account when I got my Droid x and all i can get it to sync the calendar with is that one.
  3. schuess60

    schuess60 Member

    Well, I saved the calendar from Google, deleted it on Google, then reimported back to my Google account, and whala, it showed up with all the appointments intact. Kind of a roundabout way to get the calendar back but it worked.

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  4. tpkaplan

    tpkaplan New Member

    Thanks for the tip. But I think the word you were looking for is "voila.":)

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