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  1. c308682

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    Dec 4, 2009
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    one of my google calendars is an import from an outlook file. one the pc/mac the google calendar is always accurate, but when the calendar syncs on htc incredible, it retains a large number of duplicates that should have been updates. I hit the refresh in my calendar menu (with good 3G or wifi signal) to no avail note that i am using google (~exchange?) sync, not htc sync Usually in the past, if I 'remove' the problem calendar from the phone, and then 'add' the calendar back to the phone, then the duplicates were resolved. but for the past few weeks they just pile up. For some reason, "Updated" Outlook meetings would be a problem, but this is even occuring on items that have never been revised. Is there another work around that I haven;t discovered? Thanks


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