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  1. RYDER

    RYDER Active Member

    I have a google email account, the email account syncs fine with my hero.

    However, with my calendar if I add an event on google it will download to my phone. Am I able to create an event on my phone that will update on my googlemail account calendar?

    Cheers for any help


  2. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Yes...that is exactly how it works.

    Test it out. It is very fast. The android calendar functions are much more limited than the web based google calendar, but it works.
  3. RYDER

    RYDER Active Member

    When I do create an event on my phone how do I get it to sync with my online calendar? At the moment it doesn't, it is just one way.

    The update from web to phone is super fast!
  4. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Menu, Settings, Data Synchronization....should all be good.
  5. RYDER

    RYDER Active Member

    Sorted it out now, when making an event I had to select my Google account from the top rather than the default my calendar. Works an absolute treat now. This phone is seriously good, better functionality than the iPhone. Just needs to sort out the slight lag that I experience at times. OVER TO YOU HTC!!! Thanks for your help by the way
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  6. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Awesome, glad to hear! You are welcome. Ask more...this forum is pretty great and full of helpful people.
  7. johnhendrix

    johnhendrix New Member

    Hello everyone, and please excuse my poor english
    I have the same problem that "ryder" experienced.
    When i enter a meeting on my google agenda (gmail on my pc), it appeared on my phone agenda, but not in the other way!! Cannot find a solution but as it is my proffessional agenda I really need it to be syncronised...

    Have an idea??
    Thanks in advance !!
  8. ripkord

    ripkord Well-Known Member

    you need to select the calendar called "your google name" not the default calendar
  9. johnhendrix

    johnhendrix New Member

    very helpfull forum !!!!!!!
  10. BugDad25

    BugDad25 New Member

    Ryder, just to let you know your question and answer fixed my identical problem... almost a year later.

    Thanks from the future :)
  11. adrianle

    adrianle New Member

    So do do I change the Android calendar app to utilize the google calendar as the default???
  12. pgraber

    pgraber Member

    This week I've had a new problem. I don't know if it relates to the 2.1 upgrade since it seemed fine for the first few days after I did it. But I've lost most of my calendar entries - not all, but most. I've tried refreshing, turning sync off and on again, nothing seems to work. The entries are all present and correct on my PC Google calendar, but just won't re-sync with my phone - which renders it largely useless. Any suggestions, anyone?
  13. gprang

    gprang New Member

    There is no option to do that.

    Gemini Calendar does, though, and it syncs with Google calendar and has a much more powerful UI. I have been running it a couple of weeks.
  14. mcSherpa

    mcSherpa New Member

    But boy, is Gemini ugly! Not an alternative, no matter how powerful the UI may be. I will come back as soon as Gemini has proper themes.

    Did someone file a feature request for a default calendar setting in the standard Android app?
  15. funkpod

    funkpod Well-Known Member

    i like Jorte a LOT. it displays each event in the month view. check it out.
  16. Greengreen

    Greengreen New Member

    Is there any way to convert existing appointments on the default phone calendar to appear on google calendar? What is even the _point_ of having the separate phone calendar that can't sync?
  17. RezQ

    RezQ New Member

    I just discovered that you can disable the standard phone calendar by pushing the menu button while in the calendar and then pressing "more" and then "calendars". This way your online google calendar will be the default one.
  18. helvinlui

    helvinlui Member

    So I've found out that the phone calendar can't be synced to my google calendar... Is there a way to move my current phone calendar events to my google calendar? I can't seem to find this option. I mean, even event by event. Thx!
  19. kirkmandixon

    kirkmandixon New Member

    Help!! I've been unsuccessful at syncronizing my Android (Verizon) calendar to my desktop Google Calendar. I'm assurred that all my 'droid settings are correct, and that the problem lies with Google Calendar. I've been in all the Google Calendar settings, but nothng appointments with specific times on them never show up in Google.
  20. helvinlui

    helvinlui Member


    I found the solution somewhere, and didn't remember to post back here :/

    -Open up your calendar,
    -Go to 'Calendars' (where a list of your google calendars show up)
    -Uncheck the visibility of the calendar named 'Phone'
    -Make visible the calendar you want to sync with on your google account

    Then when you go to create an event in the calendar on your phone, it is created by default into the calendar that's with your google account that you just chose. I found that the phone calendar can't be synced with your google account.

    Hope this helps :)
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  21. Randy

    Randy Well-Known Member

    My Google calendar says Brittish Summertime begins tomorrow.. it`s not actually till 27th March.
  22. pikmindoctor

    pikmindoctor New Member

    My problem is that I can't get calendar events to go away - even though the only calendar I allow to show on my phone is the one from my Google email address. I can add and delete events on the online calendar, and this syncs with my phone fine. However a while ago I added a lot of events and then deleted the calendar. These events are gone from the online calendar but I can't get rid of them from my phone. I can delete them from my phone manually and they wont re-appear on sync but it would take too long to delete all of these events like that.
  23. tduncankc

    tduncankc New Member

    Hi and thanks for the help... My problem is that I set up an iCal in google for "Trip it", to show my travel details. It was working the first few days I had my EVO, but now only the google calendar shows up. How do I get it to show both the google account calendar and the iCal (Trip it calendar)? And if they won't both show, how do I just show the iCal data?

    Hope this made sense. BTW, I also use the Notes Traveler calendar for my work calendar stuff (syncs with Lotus Notes). Not sure this has any impact....

    Thanks for your help!
  24. Toolman12345

    Toolman12345 New Member

    I have a Verizon HTC Droid Incredible, Froyo v2.2 - this is the one that worked for me. After going Calendar...Menu...More...Calendars... I then deselected the PC Sync option, leaving only my Gmail associated account. Then when I entered an event on the phone, it showed up in my Google Calender as seen on my computer. There are so many slight variations on what one sees on different phones, different Android revisions, I thought I'd give specific info as to what I saw on mine, in case it helps another dinc user.
  25. Step-hen

    Step-hen New Member

    Hi I have just had my Legend returned from Vodafone. I think it has has a software up date.
    My problem is that the calendar does no longer sync with my on-line Google calendar.

    If I enter an event on the phone it appears on my PC and I can amend it then it syncs, but all further and past dates are not syncing.

    Also My mail account is not syncing property


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