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Google.com acting funny in stock browserGeneral

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  1. shanny871

    shanny871 Well-Known Member

    I was hoping that someone could explain why the Google site on the mobile browser (stock) wants to forever keep reloading? When I go to Google it just reloads indefinitely I can't even search before typing something in before it starts to reload or refresh itself?

  2. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    I would go to manage apps-all and scroll down to the browser and clear cache you can delete data also but clearing cache should solve the problem.

    You might also look into a new browser like chrome, opera or dolphin. There are others but those seem to be to top 3 used.
  3. shanny871

    shanny871 Well-Known Member

    This did not help. For some reason the google mobile website is the only one I'm having issues with. It will just keep reloading endlessly. Any other thoughts?
  4. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    I use Dolphin Browser all the time and never encountered it.

    Please give me the URL for a site that has this problem and I will try it with Browser.

    ... Thom
  5. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    Have you tried switching between classic and mobile view?
  6. Traytor

    Traytor New Member

    I have been having the same problem. The only thing that seemed to work was signing out of my gmail account, which is only a temporary fix since i need to sign back in everytime i want to check my email or go on YouTube. Hopefully they will release a fix for it because it is very annoying
  7. bullet355

    bullet355 New Member

    I am having the same problem. It just started 2 days ago I hope some can tell us how to fix it.
  8. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Please post the address of a page that has this problem when using the Browser app.

    ... Thom
  9. bullet355

    bullet355 New Member

  10. bullet355

    bullet355 New Member

    I tried to post url but I think it automatically made it a link I dont know if thats what you want or not.
  11. shanny871

    shanny871 Well-Known Member

    It's just the standard Google mobile site. I tried deleting the saved bookmark and re saving it as a bookmark. I did so research on Google with my home computer. It seems that this is an issue on numerous phone models ( iphone and Android alike). It seems that the onlyfix thus far is to sign out of Google.
  12. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Having signed into Google along with having GPS on (Goog determining your local) could cause some troubles.

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