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google.com closing browser?Support

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  1. dcvt16

    dcvt16 Member

    Moment running 2.1 do3/dd10, joeys recovery and root v7.
    When I try to go to google.com or use the google search bar on the main sceen it starts to load, and before it finishes its closes the browser. It happens every time, with no forse close screen. It didn't always do this since I updated to 2.1, it just started recently. Has anyone else had this happen or perhaps knows what causes this?

  2. SporkLover

    SporkLover Well-Known Member

    I had that issue once. I had to turn off the locator feature in browser to get it to stop. I turned it on later and the issue went away.
  3. Jweb

    Jweb Member

    Have the same issue but not just on google. no rhyme or reason so far that I can tell.
  4. dcvt16

    dcvt16 Member

    Weird, my location was off so I turned it on and now so far. Google works.. gotta give it a few more tries to be sure though.
  5. brijahn

    brijahn New Member

    Has anyone found any other resolution to this issue? I upgrade my Moment recently and since my browser force closes almost immediately after it opens. I've turned off location. Please post any other suggestions or resolutions. Thanks!
  6. ragingbull2k2

    ragingbull2k2 Well-Known Member

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  7. The111

    The111 Well-Known Member

  8. The111

    The111 Well-Known Member

    I spoke too soon. While it does work, my database keeps getting corrupted again every 20 min or so. Getting really old repeatedly deleting these .db files. :mad:
  9. wilson419

    wilson419 New Member

    What I did that worked for me:
    Used ATK to kill the browser
    Opened up facebook (because my home page is google.com)
    Turn Off GPS
    Turn On GPS
    Clear location access
    Ran ATK again to kill browser
    Start browser and go to google.com
    At the bottom of the screen it asks something about sharing the location or declining. I used decline and saved that option.
    Works great now. No closing.
  10. ninefourteener

    ninefourteener Active Member

    This is some crap.... but I figured it out.

    I joined this forum because I read it all the time..... and because I have to provide a response to this.

    I "tried" to get into the google menu, as well as the browser menu, but it kept force closing before I could do anything..... crap.

    You "can" go into Menu>settings> and uncheck "Use My Location"..... then Google will work.

    I'm no tech saavy.... but when google tries to use your location... it force closes the browser.... I have no idea why.... but that is what is causing this.

    Or..... you can do the above (uncheck "use my location")

    .... Then go into your browser (google will work)

    Then in the browser menu, go: Menu>more>settings>set home page

    Reset your home page to something OTHER than google.... and the browser works fine.

    Go back and re-check your "use my location" (I believe it serves other functions on the phone... so I want it checked)

    .... and on your google phone.... don't use google until they get this fixed.... that is the solution. Use Yahoo search or something.

    Even the "search" feature on the phone's main menu causes a force close..... pathetic. However... gmail appears to still work... strange

    Ironic isn't it??? A google phone that force closes itself when you open up google - LOL Someone in R+D needs to be fired ;)
  11. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    I had this same problem this weekend. I cleared my cache, rebooted, and finally cleared all data in the browser and it fixed it. My bookmarks and stuff are gone, but at least it works.

    Oh, and for the record, I wasn't getting a Force Close dialog, it would just close the browser and go Home.
  12. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    Have any of you having problems just tried using another browser?

    I use Opera because it's a lot faster on mine. The only time I use the stock browser is when I'm clicking a link out of a text message or email.

    I know it isn't fixing the problem but some of the other browsers are better anyway.

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