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Google contacts not syncing properlySupport

  1. Spaded21

    Spaded21 Well-Known Member

    All of my Gmail contacts are not syncing to my phone. I have tried to manually sync over and over and it is not working. I am looking at my Gmail contacts online and comparing to my phone and there are at least 3 with phone numbers missing from my phone

  2. Spaded21

    Spaded21 Well-Known Member

    OK, I dont know what is going on, I got everyone to show up except one person. Even when I try to add a new contact they will not show up. I added them under phone and as google contact but they still are not there. If I go to menu and then view under people it shows one person under phone and I have it check off but this one contact will not show up not matter what. What is going on??????
  3. Spaded21

    Spaded21 Well-Known Member

    Ok, finally figured it out, It s was conflicting with a different contact, even though the names were completely different
  4. Plumrt

    Plumrt Well-Known Member

    wanna share the details?
  5. THORN74

    THORN74 Well-Known Member

    i found that certain contacts where not showing up in the people widget. i could see them on the second page under friends, but they wouldnt show on the first page under ALL

    my solution was to add them manually thru the phone, name only. then link them to their FB/google/whatever contact found on the second page. that seems to fix it.
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