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  1. monti_calif

    monti_calif New Member

    I have setup auto synch from my Samsung Captivate (Android 2.1 update 1) to Gmail My contacts. I have over 2200 contacts on Gmail. The synch program seems to have a bug. The synch process seems to drop contacts if 2 or 3 similar name contacts are in row it would drop the 3rd of 4th contact. Contacts that are dropped have the first 3 letters of the contacts in common. Has anyone experienced the same problem? I wonder if Google, Samsung or Android are aware of this problem.

  2. monti_calif

    monti_calif New Member

    I found the problem that was causing the missing contacts in the Samsung Captivate. For some reason the Android software links multiple contacts together into a single contact without any warning or notice. Some it appears may be because of a common phone number, however there were others that was nothing in common between the contacts. There is no setting to stop this. I had to go through all my 2000+ contacts to unlink all of them.
  3. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    The Captivate FAQ discusses this in the section about contacts:

    Contacts - CapFAQ
  4. bogiedogie

    bogiedogie Member

    i too have a few erroneously merged contacts. i have given up on trying to automate the synch and will manually input them.

    i tried e mailing them form outlook to my phone, and use all the various formats available, but the phone will not open any of them. i e mailed a contact from my phone as a vcard, and my computer opened it, but it doesn't go the other way. am i doing something wrong, or is this not an option?
  5. Cecille

    Cecille New Member

    I want to use my smartbro, but i dont know the set up.

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