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google contacts wont sync

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  1. jxr94

    jxr94 Well-Known Member

    Was planning on rooting today but as i went to sync my contacts i realized i got an error message that says "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly." did a battery pull and nothing happens. Will it start working again "shortly" or is there a fix?

    This can be deleted because there is a similar post...

  2. jxr94

    jxr94 Well-Known Member

  3. jxr94

    jxr94 Well-Known Member

    In case anyone else has this problem, i did a little self browsing and found the solution on this website Google Contact Sync is currently experiencing problems... - HTC EVO? 4G (Sprint) - Android Forums - HTC Community

    I backed uup my contacts on my gmail account form google.com

    Then i went to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Contacts Storage and then "Clear Data".

    This fixed my problem and i can sync again!

    Also, this unlinked all facebook contacts and havent succeded in relinking them.

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