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Google Contracts Sub-Grous not displayed in Droid (Browse All)

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  1. littlegreenswatman

    littlegreenswatman New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jan 17, 2010
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    Does anyone know how to make the sub-groups you create in Gmail to show up in those same groups in the Droid contact list? I have all the sub-group boxes checked in the display settings, but they dont show up in groups in the contact list. What i need to do is email a large groups (a whole sub-group of contacts) from Gmail but when i select "compose", it gives me a contact list alphabetically, not in groups that i can select. so if I want thirty people, i have to physically select those thirty people, one by one. I send out pages by text pager and cell phone texting addresses this way and, from Gmail desktop it is fine, but not from my phone via the Gmail app because the sub-groups wont show up in the "to" bar when composing a message.


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