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  1. blundell

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    *UPDATE* Now with Google IO 2011

    Hi guys,

    This is for all developers of the forum :cool: you need this

    New App, if you want to view all the tutorials and help videos from Google IO 2010 AND 2011 then this is the app for you

    Google Dev Helper

    Google Dev Helper - Android app on AppBrain

    Improve your android knowledge and developer skills.

    Both Google IO's offered 90+ sessions featuring highly technical, in-depth content covering a number of technologies and developer products.

    All videos and slides are available from this app in a nice organised style for u to view on the go.

    Wrote this as I kept wanting to watch these on the bus to work and my computer is to big to carry :D


  2. blundell

    blundell Well-Known Member

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