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  1. Alaskan

    Alaskan Member

    I sync my many Outlook Notes with Google Docs and access them on my HTC EVO. It appears Google Docs requires a wireless connection for me to access them on my phone. Are there any applications out there that will allow me to look at my notes when I don't have a signal? I don't want to wait for a sync to take place but want immediate access to docs or equivalent?

  2. Gekko

    Gekko Well-Known Member

    Dropbox + Documents To Go
  3. Alaskan

    Alaskan Member

    Thanks. I use DropBox now and used to use Documents To Go when I owned Palm devices but their later versions ran too slow I quit.

    I don't believe it will sync Outlook Notes, just the office products. I would think that Docs to Go would still be the same issue, that it will require a sync before accessing the doc on my EVO. I want to access my docs (Outlook Notes) at times when there is no connection.
  4. Gekko

    Gekko Well-Known Member

  5. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    I use "QuickOffice Pro". You can sync to the cloud and work offline. I don't use any of the cloud base features, since I store all my documents on my SD card.
  6. Alaskan

    Alaskan Member

    So, you're saying I can use "QuickOffice Pro" to sync my Google Docs, not Word docs, and store them on my phone so I can have access when there is no connection? Would I have to open QuickOffice to access the Google Docs or can I still use the Google Doc app when offline? Thanks for your help.
  7. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    Sorry I can't answer your questions since I don't use it for cloud base work. here is the link though.
  8. Motorhomer

    Motorhomer Well-Known Member

    I have all my important documents uploaded to Google Docs but, as you say, if you've no connection, either wi-fi or 3G, it's totally useless. This is a big problem for me when I go to mainland Europe as data costs are pretty horrific.

    I solved the problem very simply. As well as Google Docs I also have all my documents on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2). It came with Polaris office and I also purchased Documents To Go and both work perfectly.

    I simply plug in my phone using a USB cable, navigate to the 'Documents' folder and drag across a folder from 'My Documents' on my PC.

    In my case I use a folder on my phone, as that's where I've got the most space, but you could also put them on your SD card.

    I drag across large folders (one with 700 documents) that have sub-folders, which have other sub-folders, and the integrity of the folder hierarchy is never compromised. Using either Polaris or DTG I can then navigate the folders on my phone as easily as on the PC and Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and pdfs are all read without a problem.

    Using this method I have access to all my documents when off-line and, by using Google Docs as well, I have the security of safeguarding them in the cloud.
  9. AlanEP

    AlanEP New Member

    I've spent a lot of time trying to answer just this question: it's really important to me to have access to certain documents at all times, whether or not have signal. I've found a couple of options, though I'm still mostly hoping that Google quick puts out a decent offline solution Docs for Android.

    But in the meantime:

    Evernote generally works really well. (Though, caution: any file you edit in the Android app loses all paragraph indents!)

    And I'm actually able to get offline Google Docs through a convoluted chain of services: I use CloudHQ to sync a folder of Google Docs files to SugarSync; and SugarSync's Android app seamlessly syncs files in the background.

    Good luck! And if anyone has better solutions, I'd be interested to know.
  10. Motorhomer

    Motorhomer Well-Known Member

    See my post above! Just drag the folders across and view any documents, spreadsheets, PDFs etc. using Documents To Go or Polaris or any other Android document app.

    Yesterday I'd changed, added and deleted files in a folder that I have on my PC (which has several sub and sub-sub folders). To avoid messing around I deleted the whole folder on my phone and then dragged across the amended one from my PC's 'My Documents'. The file transfer of about 700 documents took minutes.

    No convoluted methods using several different systems, just drag and drop!
  11. Gekko

    Gekko Well-Known Member

  12. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    Dunno if this helps you but it helps me:

    “GDocs is a simple notepad that can view, edit and sync documents from your Google Docs account. It allows you create, import/export and send documents”

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