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Google Earth 1.1 On Aria... Blocked?!Support

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  1. thejdubb02

    thejdubb02 Well-Known Member

  2. Mythic

    Mythic Well-Known Member

    i couldn't find it either on the market... just get set up with appbrain...and from there you can install...appbrain allows you to browse market apps from your pc instead of your phone....you can also hit install and the app will be sent to your phone and installed... but so you know... first it uses a lot of space and second i have not been able to get it work on the aria whether installing from the market or side loading....
  3. thejdubb02

    thejdubb02 Well-Known Member

    So basically it seems like it is a hardware issue that is stopping it still.

    Thanks for the tip
  4. kiefferr

    kiefferr New Member

    I believe that it has to do with the video in the Aria...I think that the Aria uses the ARMv6, where Google Earth requires ARMv7.
  5. Mythic

    Mythic Well-Known Member

    yes it does use armv6
  6. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA) VIP Member

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