Google G1 - Barred ? Why

  1. white_g1

    white_g1 Member

    Hi, Ive brought a mobile off someone in a newspaper ad..

    But I knew the mobile wasnt working, When I put my simcard inside the google g1 it picks up the network wont left me dial out ?

    I did a Checkmend report:

    Came back with the following:

    This item has been blocked during its lifetime by one or more UK network(s).

    This item is currently blocked on one or more networks. It may still work on some networks.

    Also the mobile was not reported stolen or lost ? Any ideas how I can fix this cheers

  2. deadite66

    deadite66 Well-Known Member

    sounds like the phone has been reported stolen/lost and the imei number blocked despite what the report says.
  3. white_g1

    white_g1 Member

    Just called T-mobile they says the mobile is not blocked :S

    Who to believe I dont know ?

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