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  1. gagz135

    gagz135 Member

    Whenever I take a picture in Google Goggles, i hear 2 clicking sounds coming from the phone. The first sounds comes when the capture button is pressed, and the second sound comes as soon as the picture is taken. I don't hear these noises when taking pictures through the regular camera app. It sounds like it's coming from inside the phone. Any info would help. Thanks!!

  2. skier10

    skier10 Active Member

    I've noticed this exact same thing. I thought maybe it was what happens when it focuses, but in other apps that use the camera, I don't hear the noise. Very strange!
  3. greenrolaids

    greenrolaids Well-Known Member

    its the camera focusing in and out.. It actually moves back and forth to focus..

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  4. gagz135

    gagz135 Member

    i would agree with you except it never makes that noise when using the regular camera app, just the google googles app.
  5. gagz135

    gagz135 Member


    Anybody else having the same issues? Anybody else HEARD of the same issues?
  6. Marcus_SwJ

    Marcus_SwJ Active Member

    Yes Im having the same issue too... Well thank god mine din't click that often it happenjs sometimes when I tried to scan the Qr code before... And after tat I shut down the camera I can hear like 1 click again...

    Is this the noise from the camera lens or from the speaker?? I cnt reli judge it zzz... If its from the camera lens will the camera kens become loose??

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