Google Goggles??

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  1. dhinkle16

    dhinkle16 New Member

    Hey has anyone found a google goggles that works for the Tattoo??? If so, can you send me the link cause I can't find it in the market or anywhere online.

  2. sandra_blund

    sandra_blund Active Member

    Me neither! I really want it though, it sounds so cool!
  3. Ling-Ling

    Ling-Ling Active Member

  4. anino78

    anino78 Member

    Hope that there will be an update on the tattoo's camera so that it can do auto focus.
  5. sandra_blund

    sandra_blund Active Member

    Yeah! That works, but you are right about the barcodes... it's a shame...
  6. Ling-Ling

    Ling-Ling Active Member

    I doubt that this would work since auto-focus is a matter of hardware, not software.

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