Google Latitude Not Updating

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  1. jfire

    jfire New Member

    Is anyone's Google Latitude updating? I live in VA and it still shows me and my Family in NC from last weekend. Is there a bug with this? I'd like to use it to keep tabs on my 13 yr old.


  2. 0bnxshs

    0bnxshs New Member

    Mine is currently updating....
  3. beejreit

    beejreit Member

    mine also is working. make sure that your privacy settings are set to detect your location. Your phone could have switched to "set your location".

    in google maps application:
    menu > lattitude > menu > privacy
  4. jfire

    jfire New Member

    It updates if I ASK it to. What it doesn't do is automatically update in the background so that I can see where everyone is or that they can see where I am.

    Are yours updating? Can someone go and see where you are at all times?

  5. Backitude

    Backitude Member

    The android app, Backitude, can be used in conjunction with your device to update your Latitude location. It allows you to completely control when and how your location updates to Latitude. It's free to download, so try it out if you're having problems updating.

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