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  1. Paul Clark

    Paul Clark Member


    Has anybody had Google Latitude working on this phone. It just froze all day yesterday and today it won't come up at all?



  2. meegaha

    meegaha Member

    I had it working but it was a bit slow (to update, etc.) I've found it a bit slow/unreliable in the past on my Nokia e71 too. Google maps work find though...

    I think for best results you need to use the GPS and not the mobile network to get a location fix too (it seemed to think I was in Moldova for some reason last night when I was actually in London!).
  3. Paul Clark

    Paul Clark Member

    Very strange. Like I said it won't start up at all now.

    From the other thread I notice 1.6 (Donut) is available now and I seem to be stuck on 1.5 (Firmware version and Black Screen in market) so maybe that will fix it? :confused:

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