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  1. pdagadget

    pdagadget New Member

    I like to se Google Listen to download my podcasts. I am having problems with a couple of things. The first is how do I manually put in feeds? I subscribed to Cranky Geeks but it is not updating properly.

  2. clintiepoo

    clintiepoo Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what you mean "not updating properly." I had some problems early on with TWIT and had to make sure I had the correct one selected. I subscribe to several and use the queue to make listening to them easier. I'm not sure that you can manually put in feeds - You may have to search and find them.

    After typing all that I realized it's not much help at all, sorry. At least it gets you bumped to the first page. :p
  3. IlanLCD

    IlanLCD New Member

    I have the same issue, the feeds are not downloading as should, I get "Waiting"...

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