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  1. yrrab

    yrrab Member

    I am having a problem with google mail on my pulse the account i signed up with on the phone only syncs manually contacts only synced on the first initialising of the phone i did a factory reset and things got worse has any one got any suggestions before i throw it through the window and go back to my G1

  2. Muuurgh

    Muuurgh Well-Known Member


    Are you saying that it doesn't automatically sync contacts, but it does if you manually tell it to?

    I assume you've checked all the sync settings are on? Settings -> Data Synchronization -> General Synchronization Settings?

    The contacts area is a bit weird on the pulse, and I remember reading somewhere that if you've set favourites that it stops synching as well.
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  3. yrrab

    yrrab Member

    ok got this sorted out don’t have favourites selected it seems to disrupt the sync on contacts also I am using k9 email with my main address I set the phone up with initially
    and all seems to be working good

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