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Google map on Arc SSupport

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  1. brit9

    brit9 Member

    I do a precache area on Google Map and it works OK. However when I shut down my Arc S, start it up hours later and the precache area is gone.
    I know that at the moment the precached area cannot be stored on the SD Card, but is there a way to maintain it on the Arc S memory.
    Reason is; if I am going abroad and want to carry a precached area of a City, at the moment by the time I get here the precached area will be gone.
    Any ideas anyone.

  2. brit9

    brit9 Member

    Problem solved
  3. filipv

    filipv New Member

  4. brit9

    brit9 Member

    I solved the problem by doing a Factory State Reset after backing up my contacts. Once reset I did an update.
  5. michbak

    michbak New Member

    In Indonesia google map in ARc S very complete and compatible, the result is very ok and good
  6. simonwl

    simonwl New Member

    I had the same problem. However, it's fixed now with the latest Google Maps update - which specifically enhanced the offline maps functionality. I think before, it was a bit of a beta function that didn't quite work. :)

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