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  1. cmcinto01

    cmcinto01 New Member

    I have no sense of direction, but that doesnt matter anymore thanks to the application Google Maps. It is a web mapping service provide by Google. Aside from it being completely FREE, Recent upgrades make it one of the most used applications. So without further delay, lets dive into the best parts of Google maps app.




    Google maps Navigation gives you turn-by-turn directions. Using this you will always know where your going. Google Maps Navigation pulls its points-of-interest (POI) information from Google search, rather than from a fixed POI database in memory, like many dedicated GPS devices. That's mostly a plus. Google Maps Navigation layers also give you access to favorites, recent searches, contacts, and much more without even opening the actual application for speedy searches.


    It is extremely specific when it comes to traveling. Whether your walking or driving, it gives you the best directions so that you get to where you need to be in the least amount of time. Its traffic detection and avoidance feature is already built into Google Maps mobile, and works really well. It gives you traffic information of a specific route or a particular area. (cool right?!)? I know. Lets continue.


    Google Maps Navigation's "search by voice" is a powerful feature that hasn't been done well by other GPS makers when it has been attempted. It uses the core technology from Google's existing voice search service, which is best-in-class and works quite well. Ideal for when your driving and cannot type in your destination. Just make sure there are no noises in the background so that your destination is loud and clear for the best results.


    Also setting Google Maps Navigation apart are its satellite view and street view features. Think about having them on board as you navigate and approach your destination or critical exit ramps and intersections. They are powerful additions to the mobile navigation system.

    MINOR problems

    Google Maps does download maps extremely fast, however when out of range for a long amount of time you cannot receive map information (which Is usually when you need it most). I think that they should provide offline caching so that this problem is eliminated.


    To be honest I don't think that I can point out any MAJOR problems with this application. I think that this app great for people like with bad sense of direction. It is quick and easy, and ill say once again, ITS FREE!!! I would even go as far as to compare it to the Garmen or Tom-Tom navigational systems. This application does not disappoint and I am excited to see what they do next.


    Heres a video that i think is a pretty good review for who are like a more visual hands on quick review!!


  2. dimples01

    dimples01 New Member

    thanks for telling me about the website love!!! voted for you! :)
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  3. sherrichaney

    sherrichaney New Member

    i think it is a great review son.
  4. britneysounique

    britneysounique New Member

    thanks for the review. i havent even touched this app cause i got a iphone also but imma check it out.
  5. cmcinto01

    cmcinto01 New Member

    your welcome and thanks for the vote!!! promo me!!!!
  6. cmcinto01

    cmcinto01 New Member

    @britneysounique you should definately check out the app. what DO you use on your HD2??
  7. yaboydavid

    yaboydavid New Member

    yo my brotha!!!!! i cant wait to get a droid phone!!! that evo is sick! imma catch up with you man. voted for ya
  8. yaboydavid

    yaboydavid New Member

    yo dude imma get my brother chris on here too
  9. chrisj

    chrisj New Member

    you got my vote man. good job.
  10. Lzrboi

    Lzrboi New Member

    very imformative and straight to point
  11. mfisher

    mfisher New Member

  12. bolte

    bolte New Member

    good review buddy! hope i made it in time for the vote to count.....
  13. maxwell02

    maxwell02 New Member

    nice review
  14. nancyh1990

    nancyh1990 Well-Known Member

    how do you close this application. I long pressed the back button and home screen popped up. However, when I long pressed the home button, maps still shows. Thanks
  15. Seankf1105

    Seankf1105 New Member

    Decent app but I hate how it does not have a simple "view map" button in Navigation for Point-of-view cruising mode. Obviously you can use the Car Mode "view map" but that takes you to google maps, not nav. From what it seems, you have to have a destination in order to view the map (please correct me if I'm wrong). I would have thought a feature like a point-of-view cruise mode would be extremely difficult to overlook, especially for google. :confused:
  16. kmetek

    kmetek Well-Known Member

    no offline maps = fail.
  17. Shantra

    Shantra Member

    You seem to have done a little effort in this review, great!


    This app. should be used by you who have free or low cost data traffic cost. Traveling abroad with Google Maps, having to roam to other mobile operators, can cost A LOT!! Especially when using Google maps, who depend on a high degree of data traffic.

    Don't get me wrong, Google Maps (Navigation) is quite good, but can't exactly compare to a "real" navigation system. This because the features is too few, and you can't download the maps (and addresses, POI's etc). But as a free map solution, and a limited nav. system, it's quite good. But as I said, think about data traffic if you pay a lot for it, especially abroad.

    Persoanally, I choose to pay for stand-alone navigation systems (for mobile phones). Used to use Wayfinder, but now use CoPilot 8 Europe (everything installed, no need for any data-traffic, or calculation).
  18. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    whoa whoa what???

    Dont come up in here and rant about how you think google maps sucks.

    It doesnt suck. Its one of the best navigation systems out there. This app kills any standby navigation system and i'll tell you why.

    1) You always have the most up to date information on google maps. Most standy devices need to be constantly taken into your home, connected to your computer, and you have to download the latest maps. Google maps does that all for you on the fly. So if you forget to update your maps before a big trip, then know that Google has your covered.

    2) It allows you to use voice controls when looking for location. So lets say your driving alone and need to get to a gas station, you may do so hand free (well you do need to press two buttons to access the voice feature, but alot less than typing in "gas station" and risking your life. It is also a lot faster than stopping on the side of the road to type in "gas station"

    3) One time I was looking for a location that I had never been to, I used my google navigation, and when I was getting to about 300 ft from my destination, google actually download to your phone a picture of the property and how it should look like. It was right on and I was lucky because no address was shown.

    4) It does everything toe to toe that a standby navigation does. You can view it landscape, or portrait mode. It might lack on the sound of the voice giving commands, but not a biggy.

    5) last but not least, it has layers and connects with google latitude.Actually I'm going to put latitude on #6. Layers allows you to see your entire trip from aerial view which makes it alot easier to see where your at.

    6) Your standby does not have latitude. Latitude is a program that helps you find your location of your Google friends. If your friends are lost, and dont know where they are. They just need to turn on latitude, turn on their gps device. You get on your latitude, locate your friend on a friends' list, then it will show you their location. If they have a flat tire, all you have to do is press navigate, and it will take you in turn by turn navigation to where they are at.

    In all due respect, please don't criticize something unless you have done your fair share of research.
  19. zappa420

    zappa420 Active Member

    gmaps would undoubtedly be the best nav out there if there was offline maps, but i already think it's the best nav if you're within your coverage area and you have a data plan, ive found it doesn't use all that much data.
    i use gmaps first, but if im in the states i use igo so i don't roam.
  20. Shantra

    Shantra Member

    With all respect, how in the world could you interpret my post like that?? I don't think Google Maps sucks! Actually i think it's a great app., just as I mentioned.

    All I said is true, just compare to any stand-alone nav., or even nav-app. it lacks some of the features (as you actually say yourself). Yes, I have done the research... I have used Google Maps Nav quite a few times here in Norway, but can't use it abroad (as mentioned), because the data-trafic cost would be to high. If you read my post, the "possible" data-trafic cost may be one of the few warnings about this app. Again, isn't this a fact?, and isn't it OK to tell people about this??

    The maps are constantly updated (it sems), just as you mention. TeleAtlas maps (at least used by Google in Europe) are very good. Same as the one used by Wayfinder. I haven't said a single negative word about that. Actually, many stand-alone nav-systems have LESS updated maps, and sometimes you have to buy the new updates...

    I really don't understand how you can criticize me in any way(?)!

    If I only needed a nav-system in Norway, I would have used Google Maps since it would be "almost free" to use, but since I travel a lot, I need a all-in-one-system. As mentioned, because these don't require any data-trafic.

    Don't use other Google Maps features against me... All/many systems/apps will have their own "special" features. I mentioned that Google Maps lack some of the basic nav-features that most stand-alone nav-systems have (you agreed), and it can use a lot of data-trafic. Thats all ;)

    I didn't write a review, but mainly a possible warning agains cost of use, and loosely mentioned that it lack some of the stand-alone features. In time, I guess Google will add these features, and with the ones you mentioned, and HOPEFULLY, the possibility to download maps (and calculate routes off-line), it will be unbeatable.

  21. adagio

    adagio New Member

    One shortcoming compared with dedicated satnavs seems to be the inability to use one's own POI. I hope someone will tell me I am wrong. I have a database of around 5000 POI with Lat, Long etc which I can easily import into my rather aged satnav. Can I do likewise with Google Maps?
  22. ModusPwnd

    ModusPwnd Member

    I have to say, having used google maps on my android for the last month or so I am not impressed. The fact that it wont save the map of the region I am in is ridiculous. Every time I go out of data/wi-fi range I effectively lose GPS. Also, I simply cannot figure out how to save locations that are not on the map, nor can I figure out how to save and edit routes. I thought I would be able to do this on my computer, but it appears I cannot even do it on the phone itself!

    It seems to have potential, but for now I give it a thumbs down.
  23. wyelkins

    wyelkins Well-Known Member

    I like that you can see your Favorites from the PC version on the Android.

    How do you think Google Maps compares with TeleNav?
  24. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    To save favorite places, hit the search button> type location> choose correct destination. (If more than one pops up, it will show on the map.) In this case, choose one of the bubbles. On the info screen, select the star in the upper right hand corner, it will turn yellow, now this destination is in your favorites or starred items. I haven
  25. Gad

    Gad New Member

    I'm planning to change my "old" cell phone this year and haven't made my mind between the IPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S2. I'm in Canada and both should be available here in autumn ( I hope!).
    I have a Garmin on which I've installed the Europeen maps. I am more than satisfied with the ease this GPS took me to all my destinations.
    I wold like to have the same features on my next smart phone: free use like the Garmin, that is no internet connection; keep it pluged in like the Garmin so as to not drain the battery...
    I was told that unless there's an antenna installed to lock in a satelite (like Garmin) you need an internet connection, thus pay.
    Hope you guys can clear everything for me.

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