Google Maps: Can't Star a Spot Not Found By Address

  1. larrytxeast

    larrytxeast Well-Known Member

    Is there something going on with Google Maps? Tonight, any location I found via "drag a pin" or my personal favorite, coordinates, you flat-out cannot "star" it, at all. It just won't let you do it. It also no longer will let you add a description in parenthesis to such a place.

    I know that Google Maps 7 introduced some changes, well I pulled out an older phone running Google Maps 6, which never had these problems, and connected it via Wi-Fi, and I'll be darned if that version isn't doing this too. When I plug in coordinates alone it will jump to the spot but if I add a parenthesis description it gives the "no results found" error even in my phone's version 6 Maps app, the same as version 7, when before version 6 didn't do this. Also, as mentioned, it just flat-out won't let me "star" it, but when I entered in an address, it had that option.

    Between how it's been the case for the longest time that renaming a favorite within your phone is all but impossible, and you had to do the parenthesis work-around, but then version 7 took that away, and now this bug I'm experiencing tonight, it's as if Google just flat-out does NOT want people using their Maps app for anything but "established" addresses.


  2. codesplice

    codesplice Elite Recognized Geek Moderator

    Hi larrytxeast,

    I just tested on my device and had no trouble "starring" a Dropped Pin location:


    This is with Maps version 8.2.0.

    I could not, however, find a way to rename it or add a description to it.

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