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Google Maps crashes entire OS in landscape when layers are engaged...?Support

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  1. gwopy

    gwopy New Member

    So, it happened three times in immediate succession two nights ago, and I've done it on command two other times since. It happened by accident this morning on my commute when I turned my phone sideways.

    Here is my issue. When Google Maps is up, with either satellite view or terrain view enabled, the phone will crash within 15sec of switching to landscape mode. It seems to make no difference if Maps is the only open app or one of many. When maps had only the road/street later upthe OS does not crash. I have several "labs" features enabled. I will likely troubleshoot with those off when I have a few minutes.

    The crashes under these conditions are predictable and consistent.

    Anyone else heard of this happening or had it happen to them?

  2. mwil82

    mwil82 Member

    I just tried replicating your issue. Mine did not crash under the same circumstance as you are reporting. Hope you figure it out.
  3. gwopy

    gwopy New Member

    Any good apps available for livingg the state of the system?

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