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  1. mojed

    mojed New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 26, 2012
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    Hi all,

    Google maps began crashing on my phone about a week ago. Initially it crashed in a specific case: when I searched for directions, after it had given me the options for the different routes to take on public transit and I tapped on the one that I wanted the details on, it would crash.

    Then it began crashing whenever I opened the app. Today, I uninstalled the updates (I can't uninstall the app, given it came pre-installed, unless I root the phone, which I'm reluctant to do). Now it's crashing the same way it did initially: whenever I search for directions and choose the route I want the details on.

    Any thoughts as to what to do to fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. psionandy

    psionandy VIP Member VIP Member

    Dec 5, 2009
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    if all else fails, a factory reset will put it into the state it was in when it came out of the box...

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