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  1. facemymusic

    facemymusic Member

    Is anyone having issues with Google Maps being able to pinpoint your exact location while using the Evo?

    I used to use Google Maps all the time on my MyTouch, and it would always find my exact location with no problem. But I used it for the first time today on my Evo, and it was always a couple of streets off (not "general" location with the transparent blue circle, but "exact" location w/no circle). This is very inconvenient when using Navigation because it keeps wanting to redirect from a place that I'm not at.

    I made sure my GPS was on before I started using Maps. I haven't tried using Sprint Nav or any other Nav apps, so I'm not sure if it's a problem with Google Maps, or the Evo GPS.

    Any suggestions?

  2. htcevolee

    htcevolee Well-Known Member

    Uninstall and reinstall? Got the latest updated Google Maps? Trying using Layars to see if it pinpoints you. Just 1 example of another program that can use your GPS. Or Google Sky? i think thats what its called.
  3. spydermn

    spydermn Member

    I am having this same issue. I am always about 100' away from where it says i am!
  4. facemymusic

    facemymusic Member

    Yeah I couldn't uninstall the full application, but I uninstalled/reinstalled the updates. Location has gotten a little better for me, but it still doesn't seem as accurate as it was on my other Android device. And I just plain don't like Sprint Nav so I use it.

    Oh well, hopefully there is another update coming that will help with this, too.
  5. m6284505

    m6284505 Well-Known Member

    I just noticed today when I was doing a 4G test. I wanted to map where I was and on Google maps it was way off, like 1/8th mile and the arrow was pointing north while I was facing south with the phone in my hand.
    I did install the version via MarketPlace and it said it was going to update it, this was a week or so ago.
  6. Mine was fine before the update the other day. After the update, ive noticed a lot of problems. When i first startup the app, it thinks my location is in two different spots, and keeps switching back and forth between the two. after about 2 minutes, it finally finds my location.

    after that, it wont download the maps or get directions. all i get is the checkerboard white background. when i went to type in directions, it says "getting directions" but never finds them. sometimes i get an error that says i've lost the data connection, even though i have full bars and the 3g symbol is lit up. Ive tried reboots and that didnt help. google Maps and the navigatoin app both do this. I have to believe this is something to do with the update.
  7. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Well-Known Member

    Mine started that today. I was almost wondering if Googles servers were having issues. I get the data connection lost too while having full bars. I can click over to the browser or a speed test and see that I'm getting great signal/speed. It's been taking forever to load the maps though.

    As for the original question. My location is right on within about 5 feet. I looked at it earlier and it even had me in the exact parking spot I was in!

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