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Google Maps/Nav data usage rate?

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  1. whitenack

    whitenack Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how much data Google Maps & Navigation uses? Obviously this can change depending on how far you are going and what type of map detail you are using, but I was just wondering.

    Is it hundreds of MBs for each trip around the block, or something much smaller? With AT&T's tiered data plans, this is important to know.

  2. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    hmm well its hard for me to judge exactly... but im sitting at 52 megs used in 2 days, I used the gps extensivly for two 500 mile trips. But i also used the phone for web browsing (a lot 100+ pages) DLed a couple apps and watched a youtube video.
  3. whitenack

    whitenack Well-Known Member

    Thanks this gives me an idea. I was worried that just a 10 minute trip would use up 100 MBs.
  4. SteveJobCutLine4myLiver

    SteveJobCutLine4myLiver Well-Known Member

    just download a data tracking app from the market.
  5. whitenack

    whitenack Well-Known Member

    I don't have an android phone yet. I want to know before I get one to see if I can fit inside an AT&T data plan.
  6. nextcent

    nextcent New Member

    Following the advice in this thread I installed a data monitor app yesterday on my S3 and monitored it when I drove home from work at night. It's a 40 mile drive using motorways for the most part. My Google Maps was always open, screen on, voice turned off, the drive took slightly over and hour, about 68 minutes.

    The data monitor said 325 MB before I started, at home I checked it again and it said 332 MB. So, 40 miles = 1 hour = 7MB data used.

    This morning, I used it again while driving the same route in reverse. The monitor was at 0 in the morning, new month you know, it's 1st of November. At the car park near office, it read 3MB.

    Do you think it cached from last night? I don't know. I have driven this same route for a month in both directions all last month, so cache should already be there.

    I'll monitor some more and see what patterns emerge but even at 7MB per trip, it's hardly going to break the bank. I am reassured.
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