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  1. PabloEscobar

    PabloEscobar Well-Known Member

    I cant get google maps navigation to speak the route to me, or show me it on street view.... Infact, i cant get street view on normal google maps. I have just looked on the market and my google maps does not need an update.

    Can someone sugest why i cant get street view or an audio turn by turn description in navigation please?

  2. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    Not all areas have street view available. If street view is not available for the area you're looking at on your device, either check the same area using Google Maps on a computer or try a different area on your device.

    With regard to audible instructions, the only things I can think of are that the navigation volume is low or muted. While navigating, press the Menu button. On the bottom left there should be an Unmute button (or Mute, if it's not already muted). Also while navigating, you can use the volume rocker to adjust the navigation volume.
  3. PabloEscobar

    PabloEscobar Well-Known Member

    I think the navigation sound is now working, but how do i get street view in maps? The area i am looking at on maps definatley has street view as i have seen it in street view on a pc.
  4. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    If you long-press on a location on the map it will give you a "balloon" with limited info. Select the balloon and a screen with more detail will appear. On this screen should be 4 icons: display map, directions/navigation, call, and street view.
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  5. PabloEscobar

    PabloEscobar Well-Known Member

    sweet cheers mate

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