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Google maps on Nexus one

  1. softgroups

    softgroups New Member

    Hello,i would like to buy the new android, nexus one, phone from Google.

    But i have a problem. I will use it 30% of my time for maps, and sometimes i am traveling abroad.
    I saw that it's using Google products, like those "Google maps,etc"
    I have to pay high $$$/ each MB transfered while i am abroad.

    So to be very short with my question:

    I don't get it how is with "Google maps" on this phone?

    Are the maps downloading "live" to my cell phone?
    can't i pre download the whole map for "Hungary" or "Ukraine" for example before i will be going their?

  2. ddarvish

    ddarvish Well-Known Member

    no. you need a live data connection to pull in the maps. the maps program can not have saved maps... most carriers offer unlimited data roaming for a lile extra $$$. you can also look in purchasing a seperate navigation program that you can download all the maps before hand

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