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Google Maps: The "reason" why I purchased my phone.

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  1. joedb

    joedb New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 7, 2010
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    Well stress no more "Google Map" to the rescue. A.K.A "All in one and than some". Need to find place for lunch, a movie theater, where you family and friends are? latitude. Don't know what the building you are looking for looks like? Street view. What, not able to type? guess what just say it it will find it. dont kniow hoew to spellit? No worries Google map is here. Don't have a car? Choose you options CAR, BUS, BIKE, WALK. Better than my $350.00 GPS no need to download the update than install it on my GPS. Now its done effortlessly. OH yes almost forget its FREE "F-R-E-E" free and yes take this apple.


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