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Google music (beta) is WORKINGTips

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  1. maneff

    maneff Member

    Hi there.
    I'd like to share my experience with you people.
    I have a LG p350 Optimus Me and I really needed to try GOOGLE MUSIC.
    But... what I've noticed was that it wasn't available for my phone so.. I decided to search the net for (like 'google music apk' and actually found it as music.apk) and installed it on my phone.
    It actually worked pretty well without lagging or bugging (unlike lots of people complaining their smartphones can't run it smoothly).
    And so .. I am now enjoying my cloud anywhere and am really HAPPY about it ! Google just ruled again :cool:

    I am not actually sure why the app isn't available in the market for my phone's model but It works so you can try it for yourself.
    Please excuse my bad English and have fun playing with the google's cloud :D

  2. dlwiii

    dlwiii New Member

    I have an LG Optimus T, downloaded the latest Music, enrolled in Beta, and yet nothing appears on my android, not does it appear in my Devices list. Did you do anything special to connect your device?

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