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  1. alhenderson

    alhenderson Well-Known Member

    I signed up for Google Music a few months back and uploaded loads of my music so I could play it on my phone or tablet. I have been having problems lately, though, where I notice distortion in the songs. Its difficult to describe, but its a bit like a buzzing noise. It happens on my Desire HD and my Nexus 7, and is not always at the same place in a song, so I don't think the tracks are corrupt. It happens with on device music as well as streaming music, so not a problem with my wifi/3g connection either.

    I did some googling and there was chat about it being a problem with the phone clocking down the processor when the screen was off meaning it didn't have enough power. I get it even with the screen on, so I guess that's not the problem :-(

    Has anyone else had anything similar? I'm not the kind of person that notices if the music I'm listening to isn't top quality, but I like it to sound half decent :)


  2. alhenderson

    alhenderson Well-Known Member

    Just trying what I think is the stock Android music player (called 'Music' in the app list), and it suffers from the same problem. Interesting. My phone is rooted, running Ice Cold Sandwich, wonder if that's an issue. Need to test my Nexus 7 as I thought it had the same problem..

  3. CDPlant

    CDPlant Well-Known Member

    Is it a sort of low white noise? I can hear it on my GS3 as well, but not in any other music apps.
  4. alhenderson

    alhenderson Well-Known Member

    No, its a really obvious 'buzz', almost like a stutter. Seems to be getting worse the more I listen, or maybe I'm more sensitive to it now.

  5. alhenderson

    alhenderson Well-Known Member

    Bit of an update. I flashed JellyTime last week and it doesn't seem to suffer from the same problem. Having been listening to music quite happily for 20 mins or so now and its been absolutely fine - couldn't get through a single track before.

    Good news :)

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