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Google Navigation Audio Issue

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  1. unclearthought

    unclearthought Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 18, 2009
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    Hello all,
    I have the Motorola Droid. I love the phone. Here is the issue. I dont have the navigation dock for the phone. My phone connects to my Alpine W505 with the Alpine parrot BT-400 blue-tooth kit. The contacts sync and I can even use pandora from my phone and stream it through blooth-tooth to my stereo. Works really well. When i go to use the navigation on the phone though (Googles new navigation) i cant get the sound to go through the blue-tooth at all. the sound only comes out on the phone. Another thing is if i have the car charger hooked up to the phone while using the navigation, no sound comes out at all.......

    Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

    Any help would be killer.......


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