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Google nexus 7 replacement screenSupport

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  1. Turbojoe

    Turbojoe Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if you can grab the info off the unit but the only way you can wipe it is to unlock it using the steps in the link I posted. The ASUS hard reset function using the buttons does NOT work no matter how many people try to tell you to try that.


  2. dongemus

    dongemus Well-Known Member

    I ordered a micro - usb to female usb cable for $3 from Amazon, then hooked up a usb mouse and ta-da I can operate the N7. Getting my data off now. The auction is up to $20 already, most have been going for about $100.
  3. oct3178

    oct3178 Member

    Found a supplier in Alibaba,
    here is the email I received:

    Yes you are correct.
    It's the model for Nexus.

    Can you proceed with a few K basis as MOQ ?

    We basically quote 10K basis but if you can do a few K, will try to proceed.


    jaysung@netrad.co. for more information !


    my inquiry email
    I'm interested in your
    Mr. Sung,

    Im interested in buying
    HV070WX2 screens for nexus 7. located in US
    what are my options?
    Please reply
    Thank You

    I just need one,

    PM me for full email id of the supplier if anyone with infrastructure and power to buy 3K units

    still waiting to find 1 replacement screen!
  4. duckfeet

    duckfeet Member

    Still...it just seems that its a whole lot less fun having a tablet that can come up with a very expensive crack, all too easily...I'm sitting here happily typing on mine, here in my little beach shack...but here I can just as easily use my netbook or big old laptop...for me, a tablet was supposed to be a kind of combo between my android smartphone and my old kindle....something I could lug around with me, not worrying about it anymore than I worry about my watch, or my cellphone, etc.

    But after the crack, and the hassle and expense???...I mean, I've got the nice fancy cover/holder/protector.... but mine broke either from short fall...the *impact*, so I'm pretty sure it could still crack fairly easily...and its not near as handy with the cover ... now its just another computer :( ...
  5. dongemus

    dongemus Well-Known Member

    Same here, I want a replacement, but I am gun shy now. I am waiting to see the Fire HD get rom'd or hopefully I can wait for the 11/5/2012 Nexus announcement.
  6. silvercue

    silvercue Active Member

    My screen broke today - gutted. I got my 1st Nexus in August and it died and luckily Tescos swapped it out.

    This one had a small fall (table level) and was in a protective case and the screen has broken and is now unresponsive.

    The store I got this on in want
  7. DavidGermain

    DavidGermain New Member

    Hi all,
    Protective cases unless they are designed specifically for drop's like some Otterbox Defender Series cases. Most only to protect the case from scratching. Some are not even that good and are only designed to personalise your device.
    Make sure you read the manufactures guidelines on the 'Protective' Qualities of your cases. Companies like Otterbox give insurance on drop damage on cases that are build for it.
    EG. a thin silicone protective case only protects from scratches not drop's

    Seriously people spending
  8. DavidGermain

    DavidGermain New Member

    Does anyone know how many different models of displays there are in the Nexus 7 range?
    i imagine that there is more than one manufacture.
  9. bprender22

    bprender22 New Member

    Just opened up mine this morning and it has a hairline crack running across the upper 3rd of the screen. Unlike the rest of you who can recall a "low impact" fall causing the crack, I think mine takes the cake: It was secured in an iBlason protective case (bought on amazon) and was situated in an internal compartment of my softsided briefcase. The briefcase fell from the top of my roller suitcase--a whopping 21 inches tall. The screen works below the crack, but not above.

    I am shocked and appalled that a product costing $250 is so fragile. My un-protected android phone made by HTC has hit the cement face down from waist height over a dozen times and is unscathed.

    I'm really thinking about kindle fire HD now...google is running a racket on these things with cheap Chinese parts and labor.
  10. Citizen247

    Citizen247 New Member

    Seems to me to be bad luck. My Nexus 7 has held up pretty well to being owned by a grade A clumsy idiot. It's been dropped three times, twice on to concrete, once from waist height and once from nearly shoulder height. The other time it fell on to carpet, but was nearly at head height, worst I got was the case is scuffed, one corner of the surround is chipped, and the case popped open on one corner. The screen and tablet are still fine.

    The speaker blew, which I've just replaced from a broken unit I bought from ebay and now it's good as new. Which is why I'm here, looking into the feasibility of getting the broken ebay tablet back up and running, in some capacity, as a development device, and something I can take to work with me, so it doesn't matter so much if some clumsy fool (i.e. me) drops it :)
  11. duckfeet

    duckfeet Member

    I kept mine, and I got kind of stuck here in L.A. where my tablet was my only computer--other than smartphone--and I'm still happy enough with the K7. But I do believe that they crack all too easy. I doubt any of us seriously think the case will protect it from a jar that cracked out screens...it's just something that was recommended by Google, after I called, so I got one...

    Mostly I hope they realize there is no possible way these could have passed the tests that are being promoted. And for those who say the weight should make this fragility obvious, I disagree: the whole idea behind a tablet is portability...something we can lug around with us.

    Too many of us are getting cracked screens from jars that never would have disabled my netbooks, so it's something in the N7 that is deficient in too many of them. If the tests are true, then perhaps they have different screens in these models?

    I suppose if it happens again, I'll chuck it, but I'll give it one chance, try to be 'xtra' careful, and hope I don't crack again....
  12. Citizen247

    Citizen247 New Member

    Mine's been battered and held up beyond expectations. I've seen some anecdotal evidence to suggested that easily cracked screens have something to do with the screen lifting issue, it could be that where the screen and glass is properly seated it's strong enough to withstand mistreatment, but if it's got the manufacturing fault even a minor amount of pressure can crack it.

    Could be an argument for a warranty repair in those circumstances, it seems strange that mine has withstood some pretty hefty knocks, while others have broken from nothing at all.
  13. daxxone

    daxxone New Member

    Is the box of screens with glass? or are they pre-digitizer? I want just the digitizer. ask them who supplies the glass!
  14. daxxone

    daxxone New Member

    And you can send a fastboot command to wipe the device. Hold power and volume buttons till you boot into bootloader. This will happen even if you are at the lock screen with no touch response. Open the cmd window and go to your fastboot directory. Type "fastboot -w" with out the quotes and then "fastboot reboot" your device is now clean.
  15. jakecyprus

    jakecyprus New Member

    My Google Nexus 7 cracked because of the screen not being put in properly, for the moment it takes an hour of tapping to get a 1/4 of the screen to work, maybe that will help you until you get it replaced. I put mine under my house insurance and am waiting for them to contact me back about it
  16. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

    My screen cracked while in a padded case which was itself in a padded laptop bag. If the bag fell or was hit, it wasn't significant enough for me to take notice. Certainly, there was no event that should have damaged what is considered a portable device. FWIW, I'm very carefull with all my gear usually selling it as "like new" when I'm done with it. The first time I called Asus I was told that it was not a warranty issue and would cost $170 for repair. I almost gave up and considered selling the broken unit on ebay to cut my loss. Fortunately after a bit of complaining here, I persisted. I called Asus a couple of more times, finally getting a rep who said it should be covered and made note of it. I sent it back a week ago Friday and according to Fedex tracking, it will return to me Thursday. Since there was no request for money, I'm assuming it was either repaired or replaced under warranty. If it comes back with the same cracked screen? I'll probably go postal! :D
  17. bprender22

    bprender22 New Member

    who did you call and what did you tell them? They did not want to hep me! My screen broke under identical circumstances...
  18. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

    I didn't make a note of the names. I did the online forms then called the default Asus support number. It took 3 separate calls to get a rep that agreed with me. I didn't say anything special, just pressed my case that the screen didn't break from overly rough handling. The N7 arrived today (using it now). They did repair it, this is the same unit I sent in. Good luck to you!
  19. dongemus

    dongemus Well-Known Member

    Wow, just sold mine on eBay after 6 tries for $46.66. Oh well. Bummer.
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  20. Turbojoe

    Turbojoe Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that. I sold my cracked 16gb 2 months ago and got a little more than twice that. Now that there are so many out there and the 32gb is out our earlier models are going to bring less and less. I'm starting to feel better about buying the Squaretrade warranty in case I drop this one. I love my N7 but I'm still scared to death of the screen.....

  21. dig_dug

    dig_dug New Member

    Mine broke a few days ago. The left side of the screen shattered in my hand under my thumb. This is a device that was barely used. It never left the house and spent most of its time on the shelf.

    It seems there are a bunch of defective Nexus 7 units out there. The glass can become unseated and when that happens it takes nothing for it to crack.

    Very disappointed.
  22. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

    Sorry for your loss. Get Asus to repair or replace it. Don't accept any rep that tells you screen breakage isn't covered by warranty. Good luck!
  23. mjenkins3113

    mjenkins3113 New Member


    Do you have a case number I would be able to use to reference when talking with customer service? Thanks in advance
  24. StillHacking

    StillHacking Well-Known Member

    I bought the 32GB from Staples, no extended service plan. Liked it so much I bought another for my wife as an early Christmas present from Walmart. I chickened out and bought the $19.99 2 year plan for her 16GB model after more reading.

    It looks to me like the early screens were weak due to the screen separation issue. If the adhesion of the LCD to the digitizer and glass makes them easy to break you would think Asus would step up and warranty repair more of them.

    I guess the best method for now as mentioned before is ebay and buy new one or wait till the screen prices come down. If my 32GB cracks after extreme care Asus will be politely hearing from me. Apparently the thin profit margins don't give them much room. Let's hope they do the right thing and avoid a class action lawsuit.

  25. Jerzydeb

    Jerzydeb New Member

    Same story here. My daughter was laying on her bed, her Nexus 7 in a case, and dropped it to a carpeted floor - and the screen cracked. A 2 foot drop, in a padded case, to a padded surface and it cannot survive? No way this thing is portable. Now - do I follow up with ASUS and see if they'll fix it - or do I sell it on ebay, eat the loss, and buy her a FIRE ? She basically only uses it for reading ....

    Unbelievable that a large companies like GOOGLE and ASUS do not stand behind their warranty. I've seen so much decency lately in those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I've seen neighbors who would complain about their downstairs neighbors on a weekly basis, take those same downstairs neighbors into their own homes, provide them with food, shelter, clothing - everything - without question or any mention of money. I've seen strangers pitching in to help scrub walls and floors, rip out carpet, and carry out furniture that is already beginning to stink - all without complaint or looking for a paycheck. I've seen plumbers and electricians working 20 hour days trying to restore service. I've seen electric repairmen working the lines in high winds and rains, trying to keep people warm and connected. Maybe TPTB at GOOGLE and ASUS should stop by and pick up some humanity ???:mad:

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