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    Sep 4, 2012
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    Hellp, Anyone that knows alot about the google nexus s?? need help big time.

    Ok so I have the Samsung google nexus s, And you know hwo you when you get the phone you have to make a gmail? well thats what I did, but I had to delete it because I kept getting weird emails from weird people I didnt know and alot of spam. But I made a new account before I deleted the old one. Then I tried to figure out how to delete the old account it took me awhile but I finally found it one my phone and deleted my old account. but when I did that all my contacts were gone. But I put them all back in. I thought that was all that happened and that I outsmarted google. But it seems that google had one up on me, because when I went to send text messages o my friends noone answered. I thought it was just that everyone was busy. But then when I went to make a call it kept saying im sorry we could not make your call at the moment please try again later. And its been doing this for like 4 or 5 days now. ANd I found out that my friends werent getting my texts messages when I went to church to see them. They asked me why I wasnt texting them. and thats when I found out I couldnt text also. Ive tried everything I have found on the interent. Can you smart phone, electronic genius's help me please?

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    Deleting the originall gmail account would absolutely lose your contacts if they were synced to your gmail (which is default behaviour I think).

    The gmail/google account logged into the phone would not affect your ability to make phone calls or send text messages though - if you're having a problem there it's more likely to be an issue with your cell phone provider/sim card/account.

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