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Google Play / Android Store gone and Apps not loadingSupport

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  1. alsey

    alsey New Member

    I was updating the 'Samsung Apps' app yesterday when it froze the phone so I went to restart but when it came back on 80% of my apps were gone and Google play store was nowhere to be seen. I went and upgraded my phone to ISC as I had Gingerbread still but this still has not helped.

    When I go in to Application settings it shows all the apps I had but whenever I try to open it just says 'Application is not installed on your phone' and I can't re-download as I cant find the Google play store.

    And my SD card still works as all my images and movies and music are loading on the phone just not the apps.

    Anyone able to help?

  2. alsey

    alsey New Member

  3. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    It sounds like the reboot corrupted the files for those apps that was located in the external microSD card. If you connect via USB storage mode to the PC and use that to browse, you can check if there are any files in the Lost.dir as any of those corrupt files would be there.

    Bad news, I don't anyway to get back the app except to delete the app and then download and install again.

    The bigger problem is the google play store. If its missing... then its a problem. Luckily, all you have to do is to find the apk file for the play store itself. Other than that, a factory reset would likely bring it back too.

    The apk file to the playstore

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