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  1. christianrb

    christianrb New Member

    I really enjoy the format of Google Play Music but when I listen to music the song that is playing isn't showing up in the lock screen. I thought that the app allowed ics users to change the song from the lock screen like how the default music player does. Is my htc evo v 4g the problem?

  2. Raul720

    Raul720 Well-Known Member

    Sense doesn't allow it.
  3. christianrb

    christianrb New Member

    That is really disappointing but thanks
  4. trippin

    trippin Well-Known Member

    Sense has to allow it, jango radio works on the lock screen. I'm on miui otherwise I would try it out for you.
  5. GTWolf

    GTWolf Well-Known Member

    You can pull down the notification bar from the lockscreen and change music that way.

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