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  1. TKE554

    TKE554 New Member

    Hey guys.

    So I love google play music. I used all access on my desktop religiously to find new music, adding a massive chunk to my overall music collection.

    When I had my s3, things worked just fine, but since I got the s4, [maybe it started after the 4.3 update? idk], the equalizer doesn't stay on like it's supposed to.

    I can get the equalizer to work for a song, but if I set my phone down and let the song play out, the next song will not be affected by the EQ. I can go back into the menu in google music and the EQ will still be "ON" although obviously not working. Sometimes pausing and playing the song will allow the EQ to work, but most of the time it requires some combination of turning the EQ on and off, pausing/playing the song, or restarting google play music entirely.

    I've googled this problem probably fifty times, and am now finally just posting about it to see if anyone has found a solution yet. I actually got a replacement phone due to an unrelated issue and still the problem persists.

    Thanks for any help/guidance, guys.

  2. alexh03

    alexh03 New Member

    I have the same exact problem. Did you ever find a solution?
  3. TKE554

    TKE554 New Member

    Nope. :( I tried sending technical support a message too... Nothing.

    I've tried so many things.
  4. myke113

    myke113 New Member

    The problem is caused by Android killing the equalizer process when the memory is low. Android does this with all apps that don't have notifications....

    The app I used on my S3 is:

    (Equalizer app by Smart Android Apps). Hope this works for you as well!

  5. alexh03

    alexh03 New Member

    I actually found this app about a month ago and it works great. I should've updated my post but I completely forgot. Thanks again for helping though.
  6. dmaiolino

    dmaiolino New Member

    Simply turn off auto haptic. You can have haptic feedback on but auto haptic does effect music equalizer including the stock android equalizer.

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