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  1. BlazinBob

    BlazinBob Member

    While on Google Play I pressed the push pin for an Album, it started off as white and increased to Orange as it was supposedly being synced to my phone.

    So heres my question, where is it? I click on the Samsung music player, no music. I opened the My Files clicked to music, nothing there, searched around for Google folders, no music in there either.

    I put my phone in airplane mode and sure enough that music played so it must be in there somewhere?

  2. Adara

    Adara Well-Known Member

    I can answer this!

    (I can answer this because I was googling like crazy for the answer just two days ago.)

    You can't find it. Google Play music puts it in a hidden folder you can't get at with a standard file manager. (I did read where it is possible to get into the folder if you root, but since I don't root, I didn't read the details on where to find it.)

    The Combined Wisdom of the Internet on this seems to be that if you want the music to be available to other music players, you need to download it from Google Play to your PC, and then move it to your phone yourself.
  3. spin360

    spin360 Well-Known Member

    I also did this on accident last week and it took a call to Google's support line to fix it. I did not want to download my entire song list (over 30GBs) to my phone, yet by accidentally pressing the stupid push pin, Google Play Music was doing just that. To delete all the synced songs, you have to go into Application Manager and clear the cache for Google Play Music.
  4. BlazinBob

    BlazinBob Member

    Great stuff all, thanks for the feedback, was very helpful in figuring this maze out.

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