Google play on pmid705x 4.0?General

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  1. chance4434

    chance4434 Member

    Anyone know how to get Google play on these kind of Polaroid tablets?

  2. danielmike

    danielmike Well-Known Member

    Ok!! Just got one of these tablets today an saw what was up with the no google play store.. What I did was take the manufactures advice, these tablets dont fully support goolge play so i noticed that 1mobile. com has everything play does.. You can even update the prinstalled apps..Iv installed tons of apps tonight without any problems, Have Fun & Merry Xmas!!
  3. qwcsilver

    qwcsilver New Member

    thanks danielmike, but you can't PURCHASE apps thru 1market, or mobile market, I need to be able to get in to the google play store in order to BUY the full version of some of my apps... can anyone help me?
  4. hurleygator

    hurleygator New Member

    My husband got a pmid705x for Christmas and I am happy to say that we rooted it successfully and installed Android Marketplace... aka the Google Play Store.

    So far most apps have installed fine, however, I am dissappointed to say that there are some apps that I have not been able to get to work properly. For instance Need For Speed Most Wanted. It partially downloaded but says that it cannot be installed due to lack of memory. So I bought him a 32G sd card thinking, surely THAT should allow for more than enough room to do anything and everything he could possibly want. I went in to settings and apps and transferred this and other apps to the SD card but it continues to say that it cannot run due to lack of memory and asks me to clear space on the internal hard drive.

    I also cannot run Groupon, and Google Chrome.
  5. Tearran

    Tearran New Member

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