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  1. heymanisth

    heymanisth New Member

    I rooted my Samsung rugby phone to get rid of the crap ware, I had it perfect but I couldn't stop playing around and I accidentally deleted Google Play (Market). I tried to reinstall it by first restoring it from a back up and when that failed I tried downloading many different versions of Google play and Android Market and installed them and they would all crash with a pop up saying "Sorry, The application market ( ) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

    So finally I did a system restore which reinstalled all the nasty crap ware and everything else but didn't give me back the Market app. Annoying as hell that the junkware comes back but not the important Market application which allows me to get the apps that I want and have paid for.

  2. RyanB

    RyanB Distributor of Awesome VIP Member

    Have you tried the root sub-forum form your device? Someone there might have experience solving your issue. FWIW, googling for the .apk file is what I would have suggested.
  3. heymanisth

    heymanisth New Member

    Got the problem fixed good enough, I still can't get Google's play to work properly but I have found another way of downloading my apps and doing everything that I use to be able to do on Google's play.
    I had absolutely no access to google play because the app would crash after launching it so I tried reinstalling the APK files, installed many different versions of Google's play and android market, restarting the phone, clearing the cache, factory reinstall, etc, .... nothing worked and I became extremely annoyed. So annoyed that I bought another Rugby pro phone and gave up on fixing my slightly older Samsung Rugby Pro.

    So I tried again today and after about 8 hours of screwing around trying almost all suggestions to fix the problem I finally stumbled upon a fix.
    I installed an app called Aptoide which is an application just like Google's play, it allows you to download apps just like the Google's play store including apps which you have paid for and will allow you to install them just like Google's play.

    So the Play app has been replaced by the Aptoide app on the phone and now since the phone is fixed the wife gets the newer unlocked /rooted Rugby Pro.
    And I also just did a complete backup to avoid any more problems.

    Hopefully some day Google fixed this major problem with Google Play, many others seem to also have experienced this same problem.

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