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Google play rant.

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  1. Trbobuick

    Trbobuick Member

    Im a pretty loyal google ecosystem follower . In our house we have six android devices :
    Galaxy Nexus
    Nexus 4
    Nexus 7
    TF101 tablet
    Samsung fasinate
    Galaxy sII

    My loyalty have been rewarded as follows :
    On Feb 23 i bought a samsung chromebook for my wife from the google play store. On the same day i went to best buy and found one there.Tried to cancel google play order but it had shipped. Bought the best buy chromebook it and took it home. Would not connect to wifi. Took it back on the 24th and the employees could not get it to work. Tried a second one,same problem. Grabbed an acer chromebook and it worked perfectly . Recieved the google play samsung chromebook from UPS and it was defective as well . Called google and recived a defective equipment shipping label. Returned it to google and they recieved the defective device UPS on the 5th of march. The Refund will take 14 biz days to be back in my account. One month from the initial purchase! In good faith i ordered two more c7 chromebooks from google on the 17th of march . On the order page it says "in stock" and " DELIVERED in 1-3 business days " . When you click to purchase it it repeats the " DELIVERED in 1-3 business days " . It also states i was paying extra for 2 day shipping , without a choice. After i paid for the device , i received an email with a statement that said it would SHIP within a week. That it a blatant and misleading practice. It borders on fraud. On the 18th i still have not a: received a refund for the original defective chromebook or b: a tracking number for the new chromebooks. I called google play and wanted a tracking number. I was told that it would be a week before it shipped. I asked to cancel it and was told there was an hour window to cancel the order. I was told that it was UPS and not google that owns the warehouse that has all the chromebooks and that google could not do anything about it. I spoke to a supervisor and was told i could not cancel an order that had not shipped yet. Worlds biggest internet company and they do not possesthe technology to send an email to the warehouse that says " hey bob that order is cancelled, dont ship it." I went online and used googles order cancellation form. It said i had cancelled the order but would have to wait for a cancellation email for it to go through.

    Im done with google. Ill buy all of my apps and devices from Amazon. I dont care if i have to pay more. Rant off.

  2. sfbloodbrother

    sfbloodbrother Well-Known Member

    Doesn't Google have Same day shipping? I heard something about that. Well, Though you may have had a bad experience with UPS and Google at this time, I don't think it is worth leaving the Google ecosystem over as Android is a great platform, far better than iOS, and Amazon, just's isn't there yet.

    Sure Google should own their own warehouse where they keep their devices and they should control their own market when it comes to products if they do want to get into the product market, but as of now Google really is a software company.
    Though this was a bad experience, it's not worth leaving the ecosystem over.
  3. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    To my knowledge, Google sends everything to you as 2 day delivery, while any RMA is shipped ground. They don't give you any other options that I've seen.
  4. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have had far too many problems with the Play Store to where it is either deleted (if rooted) or disabled. I only trust billing with Amazon App store. I still use Google Now, Gmail and their search. Just because you have Android and Google makes Android does not mean you need to force yourself to use Google's apps, although many 'fandroids' worship Google like a deity and shout 'blasphemy!' If you so much as use something other than Play Store
  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    I don't think they'll shout "blasphemy!" if one is legally obtaining apps from reputable, trustworthy and curated app stores. Which is NOT bittorrent or illegal file sharing sites or China. And if anyone recommends 1Mobile Market(昆仑玩味科技股份有限公司) :rolleyes: they might as well recommend The Pirate Bay.
  6. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    With all due respect, 1, I never brought up 1Mobile in this thread. 2, my preferences of app stores isn't something you should be so hung up about. Its not my fault there are no other alternatives that have nearly as much as Play has, but don't hide in the background chewing up internal storage and send data behind your back. Either way irrelevant to this thread.
  7. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    I have a feeling no matter how many Chromebooks the OP orders from Google or Best Buy, none of them are going to connect. I see he hasnt posted here in a while but I'd bet my last dollar all 3 were not defective.

    Sounds very similar to what just happened to me. Thought device was defective since it wouldn't connect but it turned out the problem was in my wireless network despite having about 7 things already connected to it just fine.
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  8. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    I might be concerned if you come back one day, saying all your on-line accounts have been compromised or something. But I'll leave it for the moment.

    BTW many Chinese on-line services now use multi-factor authentication, especially bank accounts, because of the problem with the amount of pirated, hacked and malicious software here.

    All depends if you want data going to Google(whom I trust), or hackers or the Chinese communist government(neither of which I trust). I only know too well about apps that come from the PRC "The People's Guide to Android in the People's Republic" :rolleyes: Just trying to warn you, or anyone else reading this, be very careful about what you download from Chinese app stores. Unlike Google, China doesn't care if you download malicious Android apps.

    I do shout "blasphemy!" for Chinese app stores.
  9. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Miked has made it clear the app store he chooses to use is his choice. Whether any of us feel it's a bad idea or not has nothing to do with the OP's post.
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