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Google Play Song Matching

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  1. Paul789

    Paul789 Member


    Located in the Uk and yesterday we finally got access to Google Play Music !!!! (GOODBYE iTUNES!)

    Installed the app etc and selected my music folder on the PC and I was under the impression that with "song matching" Google would just find the songs in the cloud and match them to save the upload but it hasn't and is currently uploading song number 745 of 952

    Whats the deal I thought that the song matching would alleviate the need for uploading songs (although its not that big a deal I just left it doing it) but I have searched all over and I cannot find any help on this feature....

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    If you did not upload the music via Google Music Manager in the first place it will not recognize the music as actually being on Google Music, because mainly GMusic uses the Cloud to store music, unless you specify otherwise, your best bet is to just delete your previous music, then once on your device click the "Keep on Device" option then your music will always be on it.
  3. Paul789

    Paul789 Member


    I might not have been too clear. My music was on my PC not on my device and needed uploading to the cloud ( which I have now completed with GMusic Manager) I thought the way it worked was that it would scan my music folder and any tracks it recognized on my PC it would just add them in the cloud without the need to upload them but apparently not.....

    Now they are uploaded adding them on to my G3 and Prime is easy. Can't wait to get my playlists synced across devices woop woop !! :)
  4. ScottHKR

    ScottHKR New Member

    I think it has something to do with whether you activated via proxy...

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Please remember if you're in a city where you ride a subway, your travel by air or have no connection, you'll need to add song or play list by "keep(ing) on device". The same goes with books.

    this way your information is not only in the cloud but actually on your device. Once you reconnect to the net, at your next sync, all your devices will update.

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