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Google Play Store Not Available for hero?

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  1. msglsmo

    msglsmo Member

    Hi All,

    My daughter recently picked up a HTC Hero, after dropping her phone in water. Her phone is not receiving the Google Play store, while my Moto Photon and her sister's Optimus S both have it.

    Is there a trick to making the Hero update to Play store?



  2. PicoLudi

    PicoLudi Member

    Did you find a solution ?
    could this be a limitation from the original service provider that sold the phone ?
    I initially had a Orange ROM on my Hero and couldn't install some Google apps, had ugly Orange branded widgets etc. (Orange is one of the main service providers in France)
    I eventually installed a custom ROM (Villain ROM-Froyo) to get rid of all the Orange custom stuff.

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