Google Play Store not recognizing phone

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  1. Edge2834

    Edge2834 Member

    Hiya there,

    My contacts were corrupted (long story), so I did a factory data reset of my phone. Then, I signed back into my Google account, and all was good, except when I click "Market", it directs me to Google Play Store's Terms of Service. I'm guessing this means I did something wrong.

    Also, on my computer, my device is no longer listed on one of the devices on my account. In fact, many of the apps I downloaded on the device no longer show up in the Library.

    I'm stumped.. any got any ideas?

  2. andrews317

    andrews317 Well-Known Member

    Go to app manager, then market and then clear data and force stop the app. Then try again with the market. Let me know if it worked.
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  3. Edge2834

    Edge2834 Member

    No dice, it just went straight to Google Play Books.

    I ended up having to download an APK straight to my phone (I believe it was version 3.5.16).

    Sorry for replying a month later, thanks for your post, though! :)

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